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Firewood Park City

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

The Gorgeous Firewood Park City Restaurant

Firewood Park City gives residents a unique dining experience from every angle. Located on historical Main Street in a spot formerly occupied by Cicero’s, this establishment benefits from a completely refurbished and redesigned interior with an on-trend rustic industrial style, an aesthetic that reflects the traditional wood fire grill cooking techniques that serve as the backbone of the restaurant.

Talented chef John Murcko puts full consideration into every detail. From locally-sourced ingredients to seasonal menus and expert wine pairings – and of course the inimitable taste of the namesake wood fire grill – Firewood is sure to leave every guest with an unforgettable impression. Firewood offers inspiration for design fans and foodies alike.

Dining space of Firewood Park City
Dining Space of Firewood

Firewood’s Rustic Industrial Décor

Let’s start with a tour of the distinctive interior design that so effectively fosters a refined yet welcoming environment. Blacksmith-forged lighting and reclaimed wood tables set the stage – a handsome nod to the time-tested approach to wood fire cooking that sets this restaurant apart. Those gorgeous cross back dining chairs are a beloved classic inspired by the iconic A150 Bentwood design by Michael Thonet.

Brick, wood, and leather define the material palette for a style that blends rustic and industrial influences with a modern edge. A large interior window that peers into the kitchen makes the somewhat narrow interior feel more open and spacious, while giving patrons a riveting view of the action beyond.

Firewood Park City Downstairs Speakeasy Space
Firewood Park City Speakeasy Space

Ambiance and Community

While the main floor offers group dining tables and comfortable booth areas, the downstairs bar offers a wide variety of places to gather with friends or relax alone. The bar décor takes the established theme to the next level. It’s a little more rugged, a little more edgy, but still very inviting. Gears, wheels, and antique mechanisms line the walls and find themselves integrated with the furniture.

The architecture is a worthy conversation starter as well. Exposed ceiling rafters and ductwork create an open and airy feeling in an otherwise very intimate space. Adjustable studio lighting ensures the entire seating area remains adequately lit – not so bright as to diminish the inherently cozy quality of this restaurant bar, but still bright enough to keep the personality of the space friendly and upbeat.

Speak Easy Seating Area
Speakeasy Seating Area

Firewood offers a variety of gathering spaces to accommodate every type of patron. This lounge area is just one example, outfitted with comfortable armchairs and a rolling table for drinks or perhaps even a chessboard. Borrowing the simple bar-style stools from the other seating areas can easily make room for even more friends.

Firewood On Main Secret Chef’s Library
Firewood On Main Chef’s Library

Back upstairs, one of the most coveted spots in the restaurant is the “chef’s library”. This cozy area features a wall lined with chef Murcko’s own collection of prized cookbooks. Wide swinging windows offer pass-through service direct from the kitchen. Here, the interior décor takes an approach that feels high-scale rustic rather than industrial, with an emphasis on clean lines and classic design.

Firewoods Customized Grill
Customized Grill

The Taste of Traditional Wood Fire Stove Cooking

Of course, the Firewood Park City menu is the real attraction. This restaurant makes every effort to secure seasonal locally-sourced ingredients for the freshest possible taste. Even the wood for the grill is hand-picked from specialty vendors. Each section of the grill uses a different type of wood, each tailored to a specific flavor profile – each choice made with the care and attention of a wine pairing.

The grill is truly the heart of the restaurant. Made and customized by Grillworks, this impressive piece of equipment measures at over 14 feet long and includes individualized work spaces to accommodate the wide range of offerings on the menu. It includes a central fire station, a large rotisserie cooker, and four modular grilling areas.

Customers can look in on the culinary artistry in action through a wall of traditional paned windows, and the sight is truly worth a look. Even the grill itself reflects the same rugged industrial aesthetic of the interior design. This impressive piece of equipment features all the same cranks and wheels that adorn furniture and décor throughout the restaurant.

View of the kitchen of firewood park city
Kitchen View

Experience Firewood Restaurant Park City

While interior photography highlighting the rustic and industrial décor might draw design fans to explore this exciting destination, the smells and sounds of fine wood fire cooking are a crucially important part of what makes this atmosphere so inviting and unforgettable. It’s a treat for all five senses. If you find yourself on historic Main Street craving distinctive food and warm ambiance, Firewood is certainly worth a little exploration.


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