The Difference

Old Photography Technique

New Photography Technique

Old Photography Technique

The old photography technique uses HDR photography. By using HDR, the photos are captured and edited quicker with a short turn-around time. Three of the same photos are taken at different exposures and are then combined into one for an added range of color and light.


This technique allows the photo to have 3 times the amount of information to edit as opposed to just a single image.


Basic global adjustments are applied such as brightness, contrast, and color temperature adjustments.

New Photography Technique

The new photography technique includes using strobe flashes for lighting and creates a new scene within the image. It is common for this technique to have up to several images combined into one. The pictures will have more depth which is accomplished by creating shadows with flashing in different areas of the space.


This technique is also designed to remove color cast issues and properly light an interior scene, ultimately creating more accurate colors within the photograph. 


Rather than using a faster editing style of HDR photography - this new technique uses manual editing techniques to blend in each ambient exposure and flash frames one photo at a time.

When your property has views from the windows - this new flash and editing technique balances the exterior and interior lights, resulting in having a photo where you can actually see outside the window from inside and not blown out. (See examples in the slideshow below)

Standard vs Premium Photography Slideshow


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