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Mount Olympus Residence

Old and new are seamlessly integrated within this comprehensive mid-century mountain home transformation by architect Ron Godwin. This impressive Salt Lake City residence shines with luxurious finishes inside and outside, its glamour tempered with natural features for seamless integration with its gorgeous plot in Mount Olympus.

The original residence was constructed by noted architect Eduard Dreier in 1958, one of the earlier additions to his impressive local portfolio. Many of his mid-century modern homes continue to stand in Salt Lake City to this day. Eduard was said to draw stylistic influence from pioneers like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, yet his interpretations of the International Style and Bauhaus were recognizably all his own.

Several recurring themes helped to define the distinctive Dreier style. Expansive plate glass windows provide an immersive indoor/outdoor living experience. Strong horizontal lines create sleek profiles while providing a grounded contrast to the mountain peaks that surround. And perhaps his most distinguishing architectural hallmark – the extensive use of stone walls and stone floors that bring the landscape right into the home itself.

Although much of the original home at Mount Olympus Way could not be saved, Ron Godwin and DFS Construction took special care to ensure that the defining Dreier characteristics still show through with clarity and style. But that's not all. Ron Godwin also infuses this home with his own distinct flair, many components updated and adapted for our contemporary times. Throughout, you'll find incredible custom features that give this space a personality all its own.

The architectural photography below showcases this Salt Lake City home inside and out, with special care taken to capture the innumerable surprises and fine details that make this home so unique.

The reconstruction of this mountain home starts with an especially bold change – the low, flat roofline has been elevated and crowned with a butterfly roof that immediately captures the eye. This dramatic profile still boasts mid-century flair while adding define visual interest, making a memorable first impression with striking curb appeal.

Expansive glass walls give the home façade an almost weightless appearance. Widely spaced pavers lead up toward the main entrance. The paneling on the front door is continued upward, all the way to the roofline, a flattering compliment to the steel beams that support each window.

On the other side of the home, expanses of glass and steel are punctuated by bold monolithic walls clad in stone. Angular variation across the roofline echoes the rolling mountainous terrain beyond – yet another way this home playfully interacts with the landscape that surrounds it.

The monolithic structures are clad with smooth travertine-like tiles, each one a work of art. The layered striations serve as a strong unifying element, joining together the modern greyscale elements of the hardscaping and home structure while picking up subtle earth tones from the hills.

Outdoor entertainment options abound. Recreation and entertainment options are endless. Multiple balcony overlooks provide direct interaction between the interior and exterior while presenting several different ways to view the surrounding landscape. An expansive pool centers the backyard, surrounded by several places to relax or to enjoy conversation with guests. Later, this photo set will even tour a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

Furniture selections throughout the entire home are carefully curated. This applies to exterior spaces as well. Here, you see a series of stackable chaise lounges in a graphite and pewter color-way, designed by Janice Feldman and sourced from JANUS et Cie. Patterned green pillows add a pop of color that ties well into the sculpted landscaping.

Diamond shaped pool tiles give the spacious pool a touch of retro flair to match the mid-century mountain home theme. This space is equipped with an aquatic basketball hoop, custom-built benches, and a sleek modern fire table. To the left, stairs lead upward to the outdoor kitchen area. This arrangement is conducive to casual relaxation and large gatherings alike – a smooth traffic flow allows for logical circulation from one area to the next.

Granite pavers provide a clean and practical finish across the entire outdoor hardscaping. Resistant against cracks, staining, and heavy foot traffic, this material is ideal for hardwearing poolside applications such as this one.

Dashes of color complement the surroundings. Raised flower beds echo the sunset, blue planters and parasols reflect the sky. The rest of the finishes all draw directly from the landscape itself.

In the evening, the outdoor fireplace provides a welcoming place to relax and watch reflections of the dazzling lights play across the surface of the pool. To the right, you can see integrated lighting that illuminates a cozy seating niche that has been softened with outdoor pillows.

The build-in benches are fully custom, made from natural wood that will only become more beautiful with weather and age. Here, you can see how the architectonic planters serve more than just a decorative purpose – they help to break up social spaces, making each niche feel more intimate and comfortable.

Loose decorative pillows make it possible to change up the decor theme on a whim, an advantage that anchored cushions could not provide.

A large outdoor kitchen overlooks the pool. This space is covered to provide shade for a dining area, a spacious raised patio situated atop. The upper level is surrounded by a strong glass balustrade that cleverly preserves its splendid views.

All of this home's most impressive materials are put on full display here – glossy tile walls, dark flagstone pavers, matte black steel, pristine white plaster. Recessed lighting provides calm illumination while a fire table provides comforting warmth. Above the grill, a custom laser-cut screen casts protection from the sun while cleverly allowing steam and smoke from the grill to escape.

Color blocking ties both seating areas together. On one side, a comfortable lounge allows guests to relax beside the outdoor fireplace. On the other, a large dining table provides ample space for entertaining. The dining chairs are from the Forest Collection from JANUS et CIE, each one crafted from die cast aluminum and powder coated in coral red.

A formal living room opens the interior tour. The architect of the original structure, Eduard Dreier, was known for his extensive use of stone within the interiors of his structures – architect Ron Godwin offers a tasteful nod to this legacy with bold flagstone floors setting the stage here.

Natural elements serve as an anchor throughout, connecting the sunny living space to the landscape outside the floor to ceiling windows. The coffee table ties into the home's exterior architecture with its thick stone slab top. On either side, rich royal blue sofas add a pop of brilliant color.

A comfortable and cozy dining room occupies the space just on the other side of the stairwell. Centering this arrangement is a gorgeous custom-built dining table with a sculptural polished bronze base by Bradshaw Design. Surrounding it, winged chairs with angular tapered legs fully embrace a mid-century modern theme. Above, the sputnik chandelier adds a dash of atomic age charm – this gorgeous piece is the Rock Crystal Chandelier by Hammerton Studio.

The dramatic mid-century inspired screen is entirely custom, designed by the architect Ron Godwin himself. This accent helps to provide visual separation between the living room and the dining room while maintaining an airy atmosphere, a cozier alternative to an open plan layout. Its glamorous shine is complemented by metallic details worked throughout the decor.

Each functional area is well-zoned despite the extremely open layout. A chic rug helps to anchor a casual living space off the kitchen, its vibrant hues serving as a unifying factor among the colorful textiles that surround it. In contrast to the clean lines of the formal living area, this arrangement goes bold with satisfying sweeping curves.

The kitchen is well-zoned with two kitchen islands. The smaller island, pictured here, can serve as a cozy breakfast bar or as a place where guests can sit and enjoy snacks while the hosts work on a satisfying dinner to share. It can also double as an extra work surface or as a serving buffet for larger meals.

The radial edge countertop and full-height slab backsplash are the work of Tally Stevens with European Marble & Granite, both made from Pave Calacatta Manhattan Quartz with rich veining throughout. Laurent Counter Stools add a dash of bright color – these are a customized design by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair.

While the decor is delightfully eclectic, certain architectural accents create a sense of smooth continuity across the main living floor – the glossy tiled walls, the custom vertical panels beneath the countertop, the smooth white expanses. A large scale diptych centers the space. This piece is called Lingers, an oil on canvas by Jennifer Rasmusson.

The dining room is furnished with the iconic Tulip table and side chair set by Finnish mid-century design legend Eero Saarinen. This bright composition is anchored by the comforting shades of brown and tan that surround them. Above, a chandelier embraces an earthy color palette with marbled glass globes.

Tonal bronze tiling provides a unifying anchor for the earth tones used throughout the architecture in this space. Then, a kaleidoscope of color contributes a splash of energy – a collection of decorative glass sits atop a playful modern credenza, the spectrum completed on the white quartz open shelves toward the corner. Quartz was chosen specifically to provide a clean look while safely withstanding the heat of the fireplace.

A small bar is tucked into a niche near the kitchen. A mirror-like starburst wall treatment instantly brightens the space, the open shelving keeping the environment bright and breezy. This photo does a fantastic job showcasing the incredible amount of detail put into every aspect of this home, as even the handle pulls on the lower cabinets boast strong mid-century flair.

Exceptional materials are found even in the smallest spaces. This powder room boasts an exceptional floating onyx vanity, the feature wall backed with textural tiles that bring out every tone within the dimensional color profile. Elegant backlighting around the mirror creates a gentle and relaxing atmosphere. Freshening up becomes a rejuvenating experience.

On a lower level, a playful lounge area provides a casual place for residents to relax and unwind. The space is divided into three functional areas: a small dining arrangement, a media area, and a convenient wet bar. Expressive artwork is hung throughout, many pieces illuminated by attractive white track lighting for a gallery-like feel. You'll notice that the sofa in the background is actually double sided to serve both sides of the room.

A cozy seating area allows space for conversation or movie night. In the middle, a pair of Hable Rose Chamfered Ottomans serve as a multifunctional solution well-suited to a small and cozy space like this one – they can be used as an impromptu seat, a footrest, or paired with a tray and used as a small cocktail table.

Tropical curtains tie together the relaxing and recreational ambiance of the area. Sliding doors lead to a patio area just on the other side for a seamless indoor-outdoor traffic flow. You may recognize the chairs around this small tulip table as being similar to those used around the patio dining table, this time in an on-theme blue.

Now, this interior tour begins to explore the private family areas of the home. This gorgeous bedroom puts silvery chrome elements at the forefront for a touch of glamour with rich patterns layered elegantly throughout.

Even the bathrooms showcase an exceptional attention to quality in every detail. From the stone floating vanity to the perfectly proportioned artwork, this space puts forward a well-balanced impression. Warm tones make the space feel comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming.

The master bedroom is a true picture of luxury. Everything beautiful about this property culminates here, the character of this mountain home condensed where the most enviable elements can be taken in at once. The walls are clad in glossy stone-like tile, the ceiling finished in rich wood. The floor-to-ceiling windows are only half shaded to allow ample sunlight to stream inside while maintaining a secure sense of privacy.

Radiant geometric wallpaper straddles the line between mid-century and contemporary. The bed boasts built-in side table drawers. Above, a floating shelf provides space for display. The upholstered headboard is fully custom – it reaches all the way to the ceiling, emphasizing the dramatic height of the room to great effect.

Both a fireplace and a television occupy the opposite wall. The mantle is custom-made from Vega White Quartz for its ultra-clean finish and excellent heat resistance. The lower shelf extends all the way from window to window allowing for creative decorative display as desired.

The corner is furnished with a pair of sophisticated Carnelian Lounge Chairs from the Jean-Louis Deniot collection by Baker Furniture. Rich blue upholstery features a subtle yet lively print, a flattering complement to the larger print of the curtains behind them. In between, the Eden Side Table makes a sculptural mid-century statement. This piece is from the Suzanne Kasler collection by Hickory Chair.

Classic details decorate the master bathroom. Gold and brass details elevate the vanity, grounded by the calming blue of the Hermès fabric upholstered stool and the meander-pattern high low pile rug. Rounded elements provide an element of surprise among the strong linear forms that surround them.

The exquisite bath features more beautiful tilework by Tally Stevens of European Marble & Granite. The textural feature wall is clad in Dune Bianco Carrara, the floors in Venezia Terrazzo. A sculptural freestanding tub lends a beautifully modern element, its curves effortlessly echoed by the Saarinen Tulip Side Table beside it.

There are so many hidden treasures built into this intriguing mountain home. The sprawling wine cellar includes built-in storage to accommodate cases, bottles, and display pieces throughout. To the left, a marble countertop allows space for tastings. This final example shows that this home is not built solely for individual comfort, but also for satisfying communal experiences with those the residents hold near and dear.

Overall, the Mount Olympus residence is constructed with all of the contemporary luxuries that a young family could desire while remaining true to the structure's mid-century modern roots. It balances the need for outdoor entertainment, bright interior spaces, and cozy intimate retreats. The flow between each area is smooth and intuitive yet each space maintains its own well-defined character. Dramatic architecture and luxury finishes create a grand first impression, while endlessly intricate details invite the eye to linger. This renovation both preserves and creates anew – another mid-century gem for Salt Lake City.

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