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White Contemporary Kitchen

A minimalist kitchen is the best kind of blank canvas – ready to be filled with the sounds of conversation over piping hot coffee, the aromas of cherished family recipes, the comfortable sensations that make home feel like home. This photography project showcases the result of a brilliant kitchen transformation by Peppertree Kitchen & Bath, led by head kitchen designer Steve Norr. What started as a rather small and dark kitchen became a bright oasis – a fresh and clean environment, perfect for creating meals and memories alike.

Radiant natural light and clean lines are a few of the major design considerations that make this renovation so special. These qualities come to life in the photos shown below. Fans of modern minimalist themes just might find ideas for their next major kitchen redesign, while fans of interior and architectural photography might find these captures inspiring.

Utah Contemporary Kitchen

The design is fresh, clean, and most importantly, it’s very simple. Extraneous details are kept to a minimum, offering continuous surfaces and opting for hidden drawer pulls instead of visible handles where possible. While a strict approach to minimalism can leave other kitchens feeling cold and sterile, this one uses gorgeous wood elements to stoke a sense of warmth and comfort. The design is truly welcoming – accessible and easy to appreciate.

Utah Contemporary Kitchen

Going with an all-white theme makes for fantastic magazine spreads and design blogs but day-to-day living requires a little more nuance. This center island is equipped with contemporary stools black – a high contrast accent that makes perfect sense in the context of everyday living. A solution like this serves as an effortless way to visually coordinate with essential appliances that might not otherwise match, like an espresso machine or induction range top.

Utah Contemporary Kitchen

Natural elements like the wood grain cabinet faces give this kitchen a fresh look that meshes well with Scandinavian-inspired décor trends. In this case, the designers chose a color blocking approach. Using the wood treatment only in certain areas helps to delineate certain workspaces from one another. Here, the wood makes the sink and dish areas feel distinct. Subtle focal points bring out the character of the kitchen and draw the eye to unique features like the elegant white faucet.

Utah Contemporary Kitchen

Storage is abundant. One of the most interesting storage solutions is the small section of open shelving. The choice is very practical – easily grab a small plate for a sandwich, a bowl for morning breakfast cereal, a mug for a quick cup of coffee. With open shelving, everyday essentials become a source of vibrant decoration. The calming blue chosen here coordinates beautifully with the other accent colors used throughout the kitchen. Of course, the white cabinetry and natural accents make it easy to follow any color inspiration that may strike.

Utah Contemporary Kitchen with Junit Collection by Schneid

Uncommon accent colors make this kitchen pop. Rather than going with a small palette, this design centers around a theme of fresh vibrant hues like teal, yellow, coral, and blue. The pendant lights are especially interesting. These are from the Junit Collection by Schneid, a Bauhaus-inspired line of modular lighting elements that lets designers mix and match for custom appeal. If the owner of this kitchen ever decided to explore other color options, a quick flip through the Schneid catalogue could provide fresh lighting components to match.

Utah Contemporary Kitchen

Before this renovation took place, the kitchen offered traditional appeal but felt dark and cramped within its limited space. Removing an interior wall doubled the amount of available light while creating a smooth open transition to the contemporary dining room beyond. The result is spectacular – a bright and open space outfitted with the most modern cabinetry, fixtures, and accessories available.

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